Feast for the eyes and the palate

To reach the stunningly beautiful island of Elba, Piombino features as the point of departure for the ferries and hydrofoils that traverse the crystal clear sea. Let’s though not forget that Piombino is a bijoux nestling on the Tuscan coastline with its picturesque Piazza Bovio being positioned on a sea cliff facing Elba. On clear days, you can see Corsica and Capraia, Giglio and Montecristo (other islands in the Tuscan archipelago). Piombino as a port is also renowned for its abundance of seafood. So for those holidaying at the Marina di Salivoli self-catering apartments, try preparing this delicious seafood dish ‘Calamari braised in red wine’. The wonder of this dish is that you can leave it to braise to the point of sublime tenderness whilst you dedicate yourself to other pursuits such as sun worshipping on your balcony! The recipe is inspired by Richard Camps of yumblog.co.uk who actually was selected by The Guardian as the winner of its readers’ recipe swap in April 2014. The addition of a bed of crunchy lettuce and a thick slice of toasted bread to soak up the rich sauce adds an unusual twist!     

 piazza bovio 2 squid 2   


Carpe noctem

As touched upon in the post of 26/07/14 where it was postured that a summer holiday is conducive to sleeping, I am steered again to discussing the issue of undisturbed slumber.

In fact, according to the Huffington Post one of the 10 annoying things about a hotel are the loud hallways: the slamming doors and the chatty guests and I add the dinging of the elevator, the buzz of the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) unit and notoriously thin walls especially when your guest next door is a high-volume TV lover. These impact greatly on your sleep hygiene (habits that help you to have a good night’s sleep) and can result in sleep deprivation (leading the next day to moodiness, reduced concentration, headaches, etc.). Another recent article in the Huffington post quoted Michael Grander of the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavioral Sleep Medicine Programme as stating that hotels should ‘think beyond the mattress’. One New York hotel has already installed airport-grade windows and soft and firm pillows for the discerning guest. At Marina di Salivoli self-catering apartments, the walls have been soundproofed to ensure a perfect night’s sleep for their guests.

Of course, if all else fails, pack your earplugs!