Green in all its forms: Murabilia Flower Show (5-7/9/14)

The perennial question! It’s the weekend and what can we do that’s simply different from the norm….Well, this weekend, marvel at the beauty of flowers and plants (the green world in all its forms) and discover a myriad of interesting things at the “Murabilia Murainfiore Flower Show” in Lucca, Tuscany from 5-7 September 2014. The overriding theme of the show is: Food plants of the world. The website (in EN and IT) is packed with all the information you require: programme, costs, opening hours, how to get there etc.

The rich and varied programme includes:

Ars Botanica – watercolours from Maria Rita Stirpe.

Exhibition of agronomists who have contributed to the definition, evolution and dissemination of earth science in Europe over the centuries.

Women and rice! Italian women from the Po Valley between the provinces of Vercelli, Novara and Pavia talk about their experiences linked to rice.

The edible garden – a guided tour and an introduction to horticulture.

The world of orchids.

Plants and knowledge: a session dedicated to books.

Plus there is a photo competition (first prize 800 euro)! Deadline for sending in photos is 30 September 2014 (no later than 12 noon C.E.T.). See the website for further details.

Enjoy the visually challenging weekend ahead of you!

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